The thing about Gothenburg

The thing about Gothenburg

In our upcoming basic exhibition about 20th century Gothenburg, you get to revel in our most beloved, hated and iconic Gothenburg objects and discover new sides of the city.

On June 4, 2021, Gothenburg turns 400 years. That's a pretty big deal for us. We celebrate by giving the city and every Gothenburger a historic birthday present – an entirely new exhibition about Gothenburg's 20th century and present time.

Based on some of Gothenburg's most iconic objects and buildings, accompanied by a chorus of voices from history, we examine the question: what is really the thing about Gothenburg? Discover new sides of the city, whether you’re a Gothenburger, a new arrival or just visiting,- and explore what´s the thing about Gothenburg just for you. Check out awesome objects from our collections like the first Volvo car and a New World sea chest that crossed an ocean.

The exhibition is the last piece of the puzzle in our major exhibition venture around the city's 400-year history, which starts in our popular 17th century exhibition Birth of Gothenburg and ends in our present time. Discover 400 years of need and desire at Gothenburg City Museum in 2021!

The Thing about Gothenburg opens June 4, 2021 at the Museum of Gothenburg.

4 June 2021

Gothenburg's wardrobe

In our fashion exhibition, we peak through the gateway to another time. What can be learned from a single piece of clothing? What can fashion reveal about its time? And what impact can the museum’s fashion collection have on us today?

4 May 201922 August 2021
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Svartvit bild, i bakgrunden ett tält, i förgrunden en kvinna som gör en volt i luften.


The Performing Arts in Transition 1960–2000

In the 1960s and ’70s, a radical generation of performing artists stepped into the limelight. Young people crushed traditions, challenged conventions and changed the rules of the game for the future performing arts scene in Gothenburg. Come and enter a turbulent age!

25 April 20201 May 2022

Permanent exhibitions

In the Museum's permanent exhibitions, you can explore the history of Gothenburg. Hear the stories about the Viking Gods and discover the rich images from the Middle ages. You can see how the city has developed from a fortified town in the 17th century to the present, through the new ideas of the 18th century who changed the city.

Prehistoric time

During 12,000 years, there have been people in the western Swedish environment. How did people live so long ago, and what traces are left? Meet the Rolfsåkers-man from the stone age and see objects unearthed from this period.

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Precious Pieces


In an 18th century cellar vault we open a new exhibition comprising valuable, unique objects from the museum’s collections – objects rarely shown to the public.

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Previous exhibitions

Read more about our previous exhibitions.


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