Explore the 20th century Gothenburg and revel in our most beloved, hated and iconic Gothenburg objects.

A historic journey through objects

What really is the thing about Gothenburg? Shipyards that built ships for the world, locals always ready with a quick retort, ball bearings and Volvo cars, a shrimp sandwich on Avenyn, political struggles and a special sense of humour known throughout Sweden? All this, yes, but also so much more.

A century of things

The 20th century was the century of things. No other era has produced so much stuff and we have never owned so much before. In this exhibition we use objects to tell a story about Gothenburg over the past century or so. We searched our collections and also brought in more objects. We asked Gothenburgers to help us choose and this is the result. In the exhibition we present over 50 objects plus 13 buildings to tell a story of Gothenburg in good times and bad. You might have chosen totally different ones – the question of what’s the thing about Gothenburg has many answers.

Just like a city’s residents, all the objects in the exhibition are linked in various ways. Follow the lines in the ceiling or choose to go your own way. Welcome in!

The last piece of a 400 year old puzzle

The exhibition is the last piece of the puzzle in our major exhibition venture around the city’s 400-year history, which starts in our popular 17th century exhibition Birth of Gothenburg and ends in our present time. Discover 400 years of need and desire at Gothenburg City Museum in 2021!

Congratulations to the Museum of Gothenburg, whom has managed to carry out two highly interesting exhibition projects that are well in line with the museum world’s efforts to engage its visitors by reflecting their stories through the museum’s objects.

Review in The Gothenburg-Post.