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Explore 12,000 years of dramatic history!

Museum of Gothenburg is located in the East India House from the 1750s and has one of Sweden’s largest cultural and historical collections.

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Lilla Änggården

Lilla Änggården is a museum, a garden and a park. The Grén family bought the house in the 1840s. It was handed down the generations until brothers Sven Grén Broberg and Carl Grén Broberg donated everything to the City of Gothenburg in 1963.

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Explore one of Sweden’s largest cultural-historical collections

Photos, letters, diaries, interviews and newspaper clippings, as well as books and magazines. All this material is gathered in the museum collection and archives.

Permanent exhibition


In our permanent exhibition about 20th century Gothenburg, you get to revel in our most beloved, hated and iconic Gothenburg objects and discover new sides of the city. Check out some of the most intriguing objects from our collections like the first Volvo car and a New World sea chest that crossed an ocean.

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until 30 december 2022

zoomed in

Pictures of the City of Gothenburg number in the hundreds of thousands, but what can a picture tell us more than the patently obvious? Just how many layers of stories are there? The exhibition shows images famous and obscure from Gothenburg from the 1850s to the present day.

until 31 december 2023


In the 1960s and ’70s, a pioneering and radical generation of performing artists stepped into the limelight. Young people crushed traditions, challenged conventions and changed the rules of the game for the future performing arts scene in Gothenburg. Come and enter a turbulent age!