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3 DEC 2023 ─ 21 JANuary 2024

Tomte art

As an annual Christmas greeting to the people of Gothenburg, the Göteborgs-Posten has since 1996 allowed a Swedish artist to interpret the Swedish tomte. Now, for the first time, the 28 artworks are being exhibited together in a collective exhibition.

In collaboration with Göteborgs-posten.

4 MAJ 2019–26 SEPTember 2021

gothenburg’s wardrobe

The exhibition focused on the era around 1880-1930, when clothing factories popped up in a growing Gothenburg, changing people’s perception of fashion and consumption, as well as of each other.

15 JUNI 2022–31 JANiuary 2023


We continue to put a light on Gothenburg’s unique music life and history. This screen exhibition in the museum’s courtyard presented artists such as Karin Dreijer, Håkan Hellström Nationalteatern, Broder Daniel, Doris and others, all of whom have been inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

20 APRIL 2021–26 MARs 2023

zoomed in

Pictures of the City of Gothenburg number in the hundreds of thousands, but what can a picture tell us more than the patently obvious? Just how many layers of stories are there? The exhibition shows images famous and obscure from Gothenburg from the 1850s to the present day.