for families

Are you free with children or grandchildren and want to do something together? There is a lot of fun to be had and discovered at the Museum of Gothenburg. Here, children and their adults can walk around the house and discover 400 years of dramatic history together. Or why not participate in various activities such as family Sundays, family tours and creative workshops. Everyone under the age of 20 has free entry.

Children’s Museum

Crawl, climb, crawl or build! Or why not climb a skyscraper or swing in the Eriksberg Crane? Welcome to explore the children’s own museum on level 3! If you have your own packed lunch, you can also eat it at our rest area here.

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Four exhibitions- 400 years

Experience a city in motion, dramatic stories and iconic objects in our four basic exhibitions about Gothenburg’s history. A journey through time from the mystery of the medieval silver heart to the world’s first Volvo.

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See the unique Äskekär ship – Sweden’s only preserved and exhibited Viking ship – and follow the exciting history of the Vikings!

Prehistoric time

For about 12,000 years there have been people in the western Swedish environment. How did people live so long ago and what traces remain?

Precious pieces

In our cellar vault from the 18th century, we display priceless objects from the museum’s collections – rarely shown to the public. Wander around among trinkets and rarities and think about what is valuable to you.