2 silver daler


Large silver coin worth 2 dalers. It has a diameter of over 5 cm and weighs almost 60 grams. On the obverse side, there is a half-figure image of Johan III. He has a long beard, wears armor, and has a crown on his head, holding a sword and the orb of the realm in his hands. Around him is the Latin abbreviation stating that Johan III is the king of the Swedes, Goths, and Vandals. Vandals were a people who lived in the area where the border between Germany and Poland is today. Surrounding the text, there is an additional ring with the coats of arms of the contemporary Swedish provinces.

On the reverse side, there is a heart-shaped design with the large national coat of arms: three crowns, lions, and the royal crown. In the center of the coat of arms sits a sheaf, the symbol of the Vasa dynasty. Around the national coat of arms, there are three rows with Johan III’s three mottos in Latin. Innermost is ”God is our protector,” in the middle ”By doing good, we fear no one,” and outermost ”Mildness and truth are the guardians of the king, and through mildness, he supports his throne.” There is no specific year mentioned on the coin, but Johan III reigned between 1568 and 1592.

GMK:2130, GMK:2131