Europride 2018

Gothenburg City Museum and the Maritime Museum and Aquarium are shining a spotlight on the situation of LBGTQ refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe. Welcome to three days of lectures, conversation and meetings. In collaboration, among others, with RFSL Newcomers, Afrosvenskarnas Riksförbund (The National Association of Afro-Swedes) and MiM Kunskapscenter (MiM Knowledge Centre).

These activities are offered in english:

15 Aug, 16.30–17.30
Who deserves human rights?
How does racism and the concept of unmornable bodies play in Europe maintaining refugee policies which leads to dead bodies in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere. With Kitimbwa Sabuni, The Afro-Swedish National Association. Language: English. Sign Language interpreter.

15 Aug, 18.00–19.00
Welcome in europe?
A talk with Sadaf Modiri and Kitimbwa Sabuni about if Sweden still really is one of the most active countries in Europe when it comes to welcoming refugees and what does the current statistics look like? What are the consequences of referring to Swedish refugee-policies as more or less ”generous”? Free buffet from 17.30, Vegan/Glutenfree.

16 Aug, 10.00-16.45
NCY Creates @ Asylum Forum 2018 in Gothenburg
NCY Creates is a gender neutral fashion brand here to empower and inspire queer communities in their fight for justice. All the profits go to the survival of Newcomers Youth. 
Come and try on our shirts all day! 

Opening ceremony 
With Jasminé Mehho (national coordinator, RFSL Newcomers), Adam Alian (Newcomers youth) and Deidre Palacios, Vice president RFSL
In Swedish and English.

Transgender rights in the Swedish asylum Process
With Suma Abdelsamie, trans activist.

Food and mingling in the museum lobby
Vegan and gluten free food served. The food is free of charge.

The Swedish Migration Agency’s credibility assessments of LGBTQ refugees
The Swedish Migration Agency’s credibility assessments of LGBTQ refugees is often based on stereotypical and heteronormative prejudices about LGBTQ people. The questions the asylum seekers are required to answer to make their LGBTQ identity credible are primarily formulated on Western cultural norms, expectations and assumptions about gender and sexual orientation. With: Aino Gröndahl, asylum lawyer and public counsel for LGBTQ asylum seekers, RFSL/ Joakim Lundqvist, FARR/ Tine Alavi, managing director - Newcomers youth.
Moderator: Ulrika Westerlund. former president RFSL and former inquiry chair of a public investigation "Trans people in Sweden, suggestions for strengthened status and better living conditions"

Exhibition: As we remember, we exist – about lgbtq, racism & nazism
Guided tour in the exhibition “As we remember, we exist – about lgbtq, racism & nazism” at Museum of Gothenburg during RFSL Newcomers Asylum forum, Europride and Reclaim Pride. We will also have an open Newcomers meeting at the same place and time as the exhibition. Welcome!
The exhibition was made by RFSL Newcomers Sjuhärad and shows 11 people portrayed and interviewed by Amina Ndinda Mutunga and Stina Nilsson. Photo by Dmitrii Logvinenko and Viktor Andersson. The exhibition combines stories from Sweden today with historical testimonies from the Holocaust. HALIB Pride and Borås City Cultural Services Department has been part of making the exhibition. 
Lgbtq people and allies share experiences, reflections and testimonies about how Nazi mindset or racist structures affect us, here, today. The exhibition also contains facts and historical stories from the time of the Holocaust. Welcome to a manifestation in visual form for everyone’s equal rights with a reminder that the Holocaust and its human vision never can be repeated.

17 Aug, 11.00–12.00
A guided tour about human right activists
We explore the exhibition We Have A Dream. Sign Language interpreter.