500 years of exclusion

Rom san - are you roma?

Through the project Rom san – are you Roma? the Roma community and the City Museum raise the question of why Roma people are not accepted into today’s society. The  purpose of the project is to tell the history of the Roma people and to show what it can mean to be Roma in Western Sweden today. We want to lift up the veil of mystery that exists around the Roma people and to examine how being socially excluded can affect a group of people.

The work will be running during 2012–2013 and a major exhibition will be opening 7 March 2014 at the City Museum. Adjacent to the exhibition there will be an education programme for employees in the private and public sectors. We have also published a photo and interview book and a children’s book.

In spring 2014 a new smaller version of the exhibition We are roma - meet the people behind the myth will open at the museum.

The City Museum is the principal concern involved in the project and collaborates closely with representatives from Roma groups – among others one of the initiators of the project, Bagir Kwiek, who is employed at the museum during the project’s duration. The other collaborative project partners are journalists Sofia Hultqvist and Cecilia Köljing, photographer Maja Kristin Nylander and special adviser Ingrid Schiöler. The project is funded by European Social fund.


Maria Forneheim, Project Manager
+46 (0)31-368 36 56