Information regarding the Corona virus

Updated 2020-06-05. The information will be continuously updated.
The City of Gothenburg’s museums are open during the corona pandemic. We follow the authorities' recommendations closely and have made a number of changes to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff.

If you are symptom-free, you are welcome to visit the museum. Please take extra care regarding hand hygiene and keep a safe distance to other visitors. If you are not feeling well, we advise you to postpone your visit, due to the ongoing spread of the Corona virus.

Limited access to the museum
We limit the number of simultaneous visitors to the museum, to avoid crowding and to ensure that our visitors can keep a safe distance. This means that you might be asked to wait for a while before you can enter the museum.

Opening Hours
We have temporarily adjusted our opening hours. The museum is now open for visits Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. On Mondays the museum is closed.

You are welcome to visit the museum's exhibitions. All gallerys and temporary exhibitions are open to the public. Remember to keep a safe distance to other visitors.

The programme activities have been limited due to current circumstances. During the summer, guided city-tours will be conducted for a limited number of paticipants. Please see the website for updated information.

Visit the Museum digitally
Under "Digiseum" on the website, we have collected digital resources in the form of exhibitions, filmed introductions, highlights from the collections, engaging stories and tips on how experience the museum from home. We regularly add new and exciting content and we highly recommend a visit - 24 hours a day, from mobile, tablet or computer.

Other measures to reduce risk
We have introduced extra cleaning routines to reduce the risk of disease. We also encourage our visitors to take extra care with hand hygiene and to keep a safe distance to other visitors.

Our staff take regular rounds in the museum to ensure not too many people are occupying the same room at the same time.

For the safety of our visitors and staff we also offer alcogel at the information desk. We have mounted plexiglass in front of the information desk, and at the shop’s counter. We have also set up floor markings to ensure a safe distance is kept.

We follow the authorities’ updates and recommendations. For more information, please visit and