Ett ansikte som är ihopklippt av olika bilder och mönster i ett kollage.


People build the city

Urbanum is a meeting place for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at the city. Join us on a journey which starts before Gothenburg even existed. Meet today’s enthusiasts, see historic films and hang out in our cosy reading corner.

28 March 201528 March 2021
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An exhibition on hate crime

US & THEM is a exhibition on tour made by The Police Museum in Stockholm, in collaboration with young people.

23 October 201916 August 2020
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School wallcharts

School wallcharts have become trendy design objects and popular collectibles. The Museum of Gothenburg has a large collection of school wallcharts that we are delighted to put on display, in the museum and online.

1 December 20172 December 2019
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We Have a Dream

We Have A Dream consists of a selection of portraits of people around the world. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, artists, politicians, and writers have chosen to participate in the project to help inspire others to realize their own dreams and visions.

Guided tour in english 17 August 11.00–12.00 Sign Language interpreter

12 May 201814 October 2018
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The Wezäta studio

A colourful history of advertising

The Wezäta studio was one of the main advertising firms in Sweden. With advertisements for Volvo, Ica, Marabou and SKF, Wezäta’s studio made colour photography known to every Swede. 

18 May 20161 October 2017
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How would you perceive the world without eyesight or hearing? What happens to your other senses?

12 November 201619 February 2017
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(In)human is about how people throughout the ages have felt the need to classify people into different groups. What can history teach us? And how do we classify people today? About skeleton collectors, racial biology and norms.

16 September 201511 September 2016
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Orphanage children

See two exhibitions on children in Childrens homes and foster homes. Children's stories form the core of exhibitions called Vidkärr's Childens homes and Finding a home.

15 November 201423 August 2015
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Gothenburg from above

Gothenburg from above

Aerial photographer Lars Bygdemark has taken thousands of photos of Gothenburg from above. We´re showing a selection of the best ones. Kristian Wedel, journalist, has written the texts in this exhibition and anew been fascinated by his hometown.

22 February 201429 March 2015
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We are roma

We are roma

Meet the people behind the myth. This is the exhibition where Roma tell about their everyday life and history. Due to a huge interest we now display a smaller version of the exibithion.

23 January 201429 March 2015
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