Music scene Gothenburg 1955-2018

Music scene Gothenburg 1955-2018

Come along to arenas, clubs and forgotten dance floors in a historic journey through popular music’s Gothenburg! The exhibition will present both individuals and groups that have had major impact on the music scene in Gothenburg. Meet the artists, visit the sites and take part in the spirit and sound.

Among others, meet the hip hoppers, rockers, punks and indie poppers, not to mention artists such as The Knife, Spotnicks, Inflames, Leila K and Soundtrack of Our Lives, from todays Aurelia Dey to early 50´s rocker Chris Lennart and 60´s pop icon Doris.

Lyrics, clothing styles and the music tell about dreams, feelings of longing home or away, love and desire for change. Loved or hated and not always let into the great salons popular music offers each generation new communities, and not least a free zone to find our own way.

The exhibition is based on material from Museum of Gothenburg’s collections and a large amount loaned material from private individuals.

Marie Wettmark
Information Officer
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14 November 201511 March 2018
Ett ansikte som är ihopklippt av olika bilder och mönster i ett kollage.


People build the city

Urbanum is a meeting place for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at the city. Join us on a journey which starts before Gothenburg even existed. Meet today’s enthusiasts, see historic films and hang out in our cosy reading corner.

28 March 201528 March 2021
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School wallcharts

School wallcharts have become trendy design objects and popular collectibles. The Museum of Gothenburg has a large collection of school wallcharts that we are delighted to put on display, in the museum and online.

1 December 20172 December 2019
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Permanent exhibitions

In the Museum's permanent exhibitions, you can explore the history of Gothenburg. Hear the stories about the Viking Gods and discover the rich images from the Middle ages. You can see how the city has developed from a fortified town in the 17th century to the present, through the new ideas of the 18th century who changed the city.

Prehistoric time

During 12,000 years, there have been people in the western Swedish environment. How did people live so long ago, and what traces are left? Meet the Rolfsåkers-man from the stone age and see objects unearthed from this period.

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Precious Pieces


In an 18th century cellar vault we open a new exhibition comprising valuable, unique objects from the museum’s collections – objects rarely shown to the public.

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Children's museum

Come and play

In our Children's Museum you can be part of an exhibition, climb high-rise buildings, crawl through tunnels and lots more. Kindly note that during June 24 - July 12, the Children's Museum is getting a new floor and is therefore closed during this period of time.

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