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Want to know more about the house where your grandmother lived, what the port of Gothenburg looked like back in the days, or if there are ancient remains at the summer cottage garden? The museum's study room is your portal to the museum's extensive archives, collections and library. 

The Museum of Gothenburg has large collections, since the museum was formed by the merger of several former museums. A large part of the museum's activities are also based on documentation in the form of photos, letters, diaries, interviews and newspaper clippings, as well as books and magazines. All this material is gathered in the museum archives.

Welcome to Faktarummet, the museum's study room! We'll assist you in your search for information about the history of Gothenburg.

Tues-Fri 13.00-17.00.
Wed 13.00-20.00.
Closed during summer.

Contact The Study Room

+46 (0)31-368 36 50 (only during opening hours)

Faktarummet, Study room

Tue–Fri 13.00–17.00, Wed 13.00–20.00 

+46 (0)31-368 36 50

Collections and Archives

+46 (0)31-368 36 31
Polstjärnegatan 8b

Image ordering

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archaeological archive

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Want to know more about the history of Gothenburg? In Carlotta you find everything from digging finds, crafts, furniture, computers, photographies, scene models and school books.