Gothenburg naming committee

The Official Gothenburg naming committee submit suggestions for names of streets and squares, but also ensure that names will not be duplicated or identical, or difficult to discern. Protecting the street names is also an important cultural achievement that helps to keep the history alive, connecting us with the past.

Today, residential address is also a safety aspect. When an accident occurs it is important to find the right and that without loss of time.

Behind the name there is a story

Through the street names, you can read the city's history, geography, flora and fauna. Men and women, who in their lifetime has made a lasting contribution, has received streets and places named after them. As the city grows, it is preserving the old regional history in the names of farms, cottages, paddocks, businesses and people.


In case management, the Dialectology and town library, local history societies, archives, Urban Development Office, and individuals are a great help. For naming committee will also submit proposals on people who arguably could have a street or place named after him. A condition is primarily that the person must have been dead for at least five years. From this rule are only three exceptions: Torgny Segerstedt, Olof Palme and Raoul Wallenberg.


Göteborgs namnberedning/Gothenburg naming committee
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